Finish What You Started – With Lucas Rubix

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Heyyyy what’s going on! Today I’m diving into a simple but possibly one of the most important concepts that I’ve learned over the last 4 years of this whole ‘business’ and ‘life’ thing…. and that is to simply FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED.


Give the video a quick watch and reach out on Instagram if ya got any questions!



Finish What You Started – With Lucas Rubix


I want to challenge you for the next 30 days.


Finish EVERYTHING that you start. Even if it’s not going as planned. Finish it.


Every time we start something and don’t finish it we lose a little respect for ourselves. Quitting on something is failing. Failing on something is winning (in disguise)


The reality is that no one really cares if we’re winning or not. When we quit on something we’re not letting anyone down but ourselves. And after doing it over and over and over we end up losing all respect for ourselves… which leads to low self esteem and zero confidence.


Today that changes.


Finish that business idea you’ve been working on. Finish cleaning the garage or fixing your alternator. Finish that book or blog post you’ve been working on. Finish your commitment to waking up earlier and going to the gym. Just fucking finish what you started…. and next thing you know you’re a winner.


Everything you start you’ll finish… and success will come naturally.


That’s it.


Be a winner.


Your Coach,




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  1. I liked the spontaneous video, it sounded like it came from your heart!

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