Why are my Facebook Ads not working.

Why are my Facebook Ads not working.

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Here’s a common question I’ve been getting asked far too often: ‘Why are my Facebook ads not working!?’. If the answer to that question was simple then everyone would be mastering Facebook Ads. Truth is, although there are a few key elements that are universal to launching a successful Facebook Ads campaign, at the end of the day it’s a matter of testing and optimizing, testing and optimizing and testing again.

That being said, here’s how you can fix your Facebook Ad by asking yourself 2 simple questions:




Why are my Facebook Ads not working!?


QUESTION ONE: Am I getting clicks / engagement? If the answer is NO, then obviously the ad itself is the problem. Let’s dive into what makes an ad:

  • Have a look at your copy. Does it call out your ideal client? Is it clear and to the point? Will the reader know exactly what he’s in for and exactly how it’ll benefit him?


  • What about your image? Does it POP and stop a scroller dead in his tracks. Does the image reflect the offer and what the viewer is in for? I’ve found that sometimes a simple photo that blends in with the Facebook feeds works well, and sometimes a bright, catchy image works better. When in doubt, TEST BOTH and see what gets you better clicks.


  • Targeting. Are you targeting the right people? You may have amazing copy, a perfect image and a solid offer but if you’re targeting a meat lovers pizza to a group of vegans… you’re in trouble. Start with the basics (Geo-targetting, gender, age) and slowly filter down into specifics (people who follow certain pages or influencers). Do your research with audience insights and don’t forget about the power of retargeting. If you haven’t installed a Facebook pixel then seriously do so now 😀


QUESTIONS TWO: Am I getting conversations on my website? Okay, so your ad is up and running, you’re targeting is on point and your getting solid clicks… but no leads. Here’s a few key points to consider:

  • Your offer sucks. If you offer isn’t AMAZING then it’s hard to get people to opt in. Your offer has to solve a very real problem that your ideal customer desperately wants to solve. What you may think is an amazing offer may not be that amazing to your ideal customers. Remember: simple is often times better. Scratch the itch (Insert shameless plug: 6 Steps to get all the leads you’ve ever dreamed of – ON AUTOPILOT – FREE DOWNLOAD)


  • You landing page needs work. Okay okay, so you have a solid offer but still no conversions. Rework your landing page. Start with a solid headline that promises some big results (and then deliver on them). Are you good on video? Throw in  a video and test it.


  • You don’t have a clear CTA. You NEED to tell your visitors what they need to do, step by step. Having a clear Call to Action is key. Keep your lead page simple and to the point. Less is often time more: Example: Do you want more leads for you business? How about on autopilot? CLICK HERE to download your 6 Steps to get all the leads you’ve ever dreamed of – ON AUTOPILOT! (See how I did that 😉


I know how frustrating Facebook ads can be. If you’re asking yourself why your Facebook Ads aren’t working, know this: Not every ad you launch will be successful. The best advice I can give you is TEST you ads with minimum budgets ($5 a day) and keep optimizing. Our first goal is to get click throughs, our second goal is to get conversions and out third goal is to warm up those leads and get customers / clients.


Simple. As. That. I’m out…

Your Coach,

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