How to PROPERLY use Social Media for your business.

How to PROPERLY use Social Media for your business.

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I’m creating this quick video and blog post out of pure necessity. It’s probably the number one question I get asked by business owners (and one that’s done wrong most the time)… How to Properly use social media for your business!

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How to PROPERLY use Social Media for your business.


Alright, so I want to share something that a good friend of mine once shared with me that changed how I look at social media forever. Although I use Facebook and Instagram as my prime mediums for attracting clients into my business, the same rules apply to ANY form of online media including groups, forums (etc)


Think of Facebook as a coffee shop. I’m sitting there, either reading, studying or talking to someone about politics, philosophy or memes (hello Facebook) when someone rudley jumps into the conversation and asks if I want him to sell my home for me for a 10% commission. Even if (let’s say I am) thinking about maybe selling my home, I’m probably going to either ignore, block or say NO. Although it seems quite obvious, most business owners I see are trying to attract clients / customers by trying to sell their products / services directly on Social Media. Look, most people who see that post / ad don’t know you, don’t like you and they definitly don’t trust you. Some will take you up on the offer but the quality of leads / customers / clients you get will be low (unless you’re doing facebook retargeting ads, which in that case, they’ve visited a specific part of your website but didn’t buy or book a call etc.)


Let’s look at a second scenario. I’m there at the coffee shop again and I’m looking around at everyone (aka snooping on Facebook) when all of a sudden a fella comes on by and offers me a free report that has the current pricing for what homes are selling for in my area. First thing I think is, ‘how the hell did this dude know I’m looking to sell my house’ (hello awesome Facebook targeting), and second thought is, ‘hell, why not’. That’s it. Fella leaves, I read the report and am blown away at the information he provides me. The report finishes with a simple – ‘wondering what your home is worth? Free house assessment, book HERE’. Well sir, you know what, I would like to know what my house is worth actually! (over simplified but you get the point!)


By offering something ultra valuable that solves a very real problem for our ideal clients, the chances of getting leads into our funnel are much higher than trying to sell right off the bat. Then, through email marketing we can deliver, on autopilot, a series of emails to prospects after they opt in for our free offer with a  CTA to book a call, book a free assessment, a free strategy session or whatever else it is we offer. Although there are a few cogs in the machine that need to be integrated together, the system really isn’t THAT COMPLICATED. Learn more about how You can build the business of your dreams here. It. Will. Change. Your. Business.


Let’s sum it up. Quit stuffing things down your followers throats or launching ads to your ‘services / ‘work with me’ page. Give give give. Offer up something for free and actually help them. If you don’t want to spend your days on social media reaching out and helping people manually then create a system where people can opt in for your freebie and enter your lead generating machine so you can focus on other important aspect of your business (like actually working with clients)


Hope this helps!


I’m out!



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