How I organize my business and get shit done!

How I organize my business and get shit done!

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I know I know, I get it. So much to do, so little time. Here’s some behind the scenes footage of how I organize my business and GET SHIT DONE!

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How I organize my business and get shit done!


There are many moving parts when you’re running a business… especially when, on top of all the day to day front end work you need to run, you have an entire back end of your business (think social media, email marketing and paid advertising).

Yup, things can get a little crazy…


And that’s why I go super old school and have a WALL SIZED white board. Truth is… it really doesn’t matter how organize your business tasks… what matters is that you organize things in some way. Here’s a look at how I like to do things. I have 4 parts to organize my backend…


PART 1: Advertising. I track all my Facebook Ads and constantly update data to make sure that the ads are doing what I wanted them to do. I split test ads, playing with headlines, copy and images until I have a winner…


PART 2: Leadpage conversions. I track all my conversions for my free offers and make sure I’m happy with the conversions… if I’m not I make changes, split test and pick the winner.


PART 3: Email sequences I’m working on. I work on my nurture only emails / welcome email sequences and constantly track open rates and modify / change titles until I’m happy.


PART 4: Sales Sequences. When I’m launching a program (like my 8 week GROW YOUR DREAM BIZ) program, I lay out my sales sequence and make sure I execute certain tasks on time.


On top of that I obviously have a board for my day to day tasks, goals, notes and idea board.


Think it’s a little over the top? Maybe. But hey, it works for me.


I’d like to know.. how do YOU stay organized!?


Chat soon,

Your Coach,




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