If I had to restart my business, what would I do?

If I had to restart my business, what would I do?

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If I had to build my business all over again to over $12,000 a month with no connections, no email list or no social media following, how would I do it?

I got asked this question yesterday and thought I’d shoot a quick video to help ya out! If you want to download the 6 steps to growing YOUR dream business, then you can download it HERE. Whether you’re a coach, consultant, service provider or want to package up your expertise and sell it online, this free DOWNLOAD is for you!



If I had to restart my business, what would I do?


The only thing I would focus on would be building my list up as quickly as possible. Every single piece on content and every spare dollar I had would go into LIST BUILDING. My first goal would be to build a 1000 person email list, and to do this I’d follow a few key steps:


STEP ONE: KNOW EXACTLY WHO IT IS YOU WANT TO SERVE: Who’s your dream client, your dream avatar, your dream customer or your dream students. Everything will be build upon this fundamental step! Your branding, your message, your ad targeting and everything else will be infinitely easier if we can nail down this first piece of the puzzle. It amazes me how many business owners, even ones who’ve been in this game for a few years, still aren’t clear on who they want to serve. Fixing this one basic step will revolutionize your business, trust me on this one!


STEP TWO: PUT SOMETHING OF VALUE IN FRONT OF YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE: Give to get. Now that you know exactly who it is you want to serve and what it is that they need help with, you can reach out and offer to help them in exchange for an email address. Give them a free download, a free video series or something of tremendous value that they can quickly consume and get help with.


STEP THREE: BUILD A RELATIONSHIP: Those emails you receive will go into your email software and you’ll give your leads value over and over again. Blog posts, videos, write ups, FB lives (etc) to constantly help them through their journeys.


STEP FOUR: PITCH YOUR OFFER: Now, only after you’ve over delivered with value and given your leads tons of goodies will you pitch your offer. Maybe you’re a coach or consultant; perfect. Offer a free consult or a strategy session. Maybe you have an online course or product; perfect. Show your list how it can help them!


That’s the basics of it really. If you want to go more in-depth with how You can Build the Business of Your Dreams then simply pop by this LINK and download your free 6 STEPS TO GROWING THE BUSINESS OF YOUR DREAMS.


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