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If you’re not waking up every single morning excited about life then something needs to change, and it needs to change fast! Life is just too short to not live it to the fullest… but it’s never to late to start the journey!

I know I know, easier said than done right.

In this quick video / blog post I’ll give you small, actionable steps that you can take to start the journey to a healthier, happier and richer life!




How To Start The Journey?


1) Make a decision: It all starts with a decision to not only start in the first place but to see it through until the end. Lots of people are ‘trying’ to change their lives, whether that’s start a business, advance in their careers, move out of their home town, make more money, quit their jobs (etc), but trying something isn’t enough. You need to DECIDE and COMMIT to go all in.


2) What do you want and WHY?: This isn’t as easy as many make it seem, I get it. BUT if we don’t know what we want and WHY we want it then we most likely won’t get very far. Do you desire to travel? Do you want a business? If so, what kind and WHY. Wanting to start a business to make ‘lots and lots of money’ isn’t specific enough nor will it keep you satisfied for the long term (I’ve experienced this first hand). Be 100% honest with yourself when answering the following questions!


  • Who are you? Tough question right. But really, who are you deep down inside? What are your values? Your dreams? What excites you? What are you passionate about? Answering those questions opens up the door to figuring out WHAT you want to do


  • Why do you want it? Maybe there’s a few things you want… but WHY do you want it? You have to want it for the right reasons or you’ll find yourself chasing the wrong goals and either ending up unhappy or constantly ‘burning out’ and trying new things, never really getting anywhere. You need to be CRYSTAL CLEAR as to WHAT YOU WANT and WHY YOU WANT IT.


3) Set goals and trust yourself: OOooooo, my favourite. Goal setting. When I spent 100% of my time on Revolution Fitness I was obsessed with having clients SET GOALS because those who did saw results, and those who didn’t quit within a month or two. Write your goals down and go after them like your life depends on it! (Cuz it literally does). You’ll be able to download some goal setting sheets you can use over and over again in the free 7 day video series! Once you start the journey there’s no turning back!


4) Set a routine: A routine is so incredibly important… especially our morning routines! It seems so so simple but it was seriously a game changer for me. I began waking up earlier and following a set routine to help jump start my day! Here’s my current morning routine (feel free to try it, modify it, change it or make your own)

  • Wake up at 5:00 am.
  • Drink a whole glass of water
  • Drink a fresh cold-pressed green juice.
  • Read my book of the week for 30 minutes.
  • Order my -TO DO LIST- from most to least important
  • Spend 10 minutes visualizing how I’d like my day to go.
  • Spend 2 minutes doing some ‘self talk’ in the mirror.
  • Attack the day at 6:00! (Workout on workout days)


5) Be accountable: Oh yes… accountability! Being accountable to someone or a group helps us stay on track and get BACK on track quickly when we fall off. If you don’t have anyone right now (like I didn’t when I first started) then you’ll need to find a group or hold yourself accountable!


6) Track progress: You need to track your successes AND your failures! Tracking our successes helps us stay motivated and moving forward, and tracking our failures keeps us educated and sharp. Tracking your FAILURES, in my opinion, is more important than tracking your SUCCESSES as it keeps us from making the same mistakes over and over!


7) Fail often and Embrace the fear: What!? Fail often? What kind of advice is that? Look, I’m not here to sugar coat anything. You WILL fail, and the more you swing for the fences athen the more you’ll fail. So instead of getting discouraged the first time you fail let’s begin changing our relationship with failure and learn to embrace it! After all, that’s what rewriting your story is all about, changing our relationship with failure, embracing fear and living a life full of energy and passion! Check out the recent blog post about EMBRACING THE FEAR!


Again, if you haven’t joined the free 7 Day Hero’s Journey then you can do so here! You’ll also be able to download some PDF’S to help you get started on your journey!


Stay Strong, start the journey and Be The Hero!




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