How To Get More Leads

How To Get More Leads

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As any business owner knows, getting leads and keeping that pipeline full is the lifeblood of your business. With all this information that’s out there sometimes it’s hard to know what to do next or we stay stuck in an information overload-coma… In this video I want to dive into the question of how to get more leads and simplify everything into 2 clear, concise options!


How To Get More Leads


If you’re trying to start or grow your business then you’ve undoubtedly have asked yourself this question: “How the Hell do I get more leads, and how do I get those leads quickly, easily and cheaply?”.


Here’s how I generally answer this question: It depends on where you and your business are at RIGHT NOW. If you’re just starting and still developing your message and branding then how you acquire leads will be very different than if you’ve been in business for a few years, went through a few cycles of evolution, know your message and you’re generating 5 figures a month.


  • 1) If you’re just starting or you’ve been at it for a few months and have limited income then focusing on getting FREE TRAFFIC to your offer will be our priority. Leverage social media channels (and hit them ALL), blog like a mad man/woman, guest blog, reach out to podcast hosts and get on their podcasts, jump on Facebook Groups and interact with the community or swing by forums and add value to each and every member! Seems like a lot of work? Guess what, it is. Starting a business takes a ridiculous amount of hustle and until we start getting you clients / customers and reinvesting that money into paid advertising, we’ll have to stick to the hustler ways! The time will come where we’re finally generating income and taking a strict percentage of it to create paid ad campaigns to turbo-charade your lead generation.


Quick Note: DO NOT put in all that work into guest blogging, social media, (etc) without your backend 6 step funnel built. You need a solid funnel built so you can send all the leads you’ve been working so hard to get through it, warm them up and turn them into paying customers. Learn how to build your funnel HERE.


2) If you’ve already built your business then the way we approach lead generation is a little different. Many established business rely too heavily on word of mouth (hey, referrals are gold, but you can’t scale) and don’t have a proven lead generating system in place. Once your funnel is built then focusing on Targeted Ad Campaigns is your best bet. The #1 Mistake I see businesses making is launching Facebook Ads to a generic ‘work with me’ or ‘about us’ page on their websites without clear Call To Actions. Check out the blog post WHY ARE MY FACEBOOK ADS NOT WORKING!?

If you’re launching ads to drive traffic then make sure you have a solid lead page you’re sending traffic to and collecting the customers information, like emails or phone numbers and putting them through your funnel. No more sending cold traffic to a BUY NOW or BOOK NOW offer. Send that cold traffic to an amazing free offer, warm those leads up with a solid value and then throw out your Paid Offer!



Hope that helps!

Any questions, just ask on your favourite social media channel below!



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