How do you know when to quit?

How do you know when to quit?

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So a few days ago I was asked this question: ‘How do you know when to quit?’

I generally respond to emails right away, but this question left me a little stumped. 3 Days later the answer came to me: I don’t know. BUT I have some thoughts on it, hopefully this quick video helps ya out if you’re on the fence on quitting!



How do you know when to quit?


It always come back to the WHY. Why are you dong what you’re doing. If your why isn’t strong enough then quitting will always be an option… BUT if you’re on a committed mission to finish was you started and nothing will stop you then the chances of success are greatly heightened.


If we simplify everything then it really comes down to this: WHY are you quitting? Is it because it’s too hard? The obstacles seem to great? You feel like you can’t do it? If that’s the case then you’re simply letting fear get the best of you, and if you’re going to win in this game, you’ve got to learn how to control that fear. (Hey, we all feel it) If fear is holding you back then don’t quit. Commit, face your fears and conquer.


Are there times we should quit? Probably. But we need to be honest with ourselves. I saw an episode on Dragons Den once where there was a 60 year old inventor how sunk every dime and maxed every single form of credit to get a project off the ground. The problem was, the invention was flawed, there was no market for it and it was virtually ‘unsellable’. Should he quit… who knows. We’ve sent rockets to the moon and explored the depths of the ocean…


Be honest with yourself. The fella on dragons den was possibly lying to himself and refusing to look at the facts. But here’s a simple truth I see most the time. Someone tries for 6 months and quit. 6 months is NOT LONG ENOUGH to know if something works or not. Come back to me in 2 years and ask if you should quit as we’ll have more data to go by.


Hope that helps and I wish you massive success!



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