Need Content Ideas? Here are 5 Simple Ways To Come Up With 100’s Of AMAZING Ideas In The Next 30 Minutes!

A question that I get asked all the time from both clients or fellow Business Building friends through either Instagram or the Facebook Page is: How the hell do I come up with amazing content ideas!?’. I always feel stuck when it comes to creating social media content, videos and blog posts! HELP!


I don’t care what kind of business model you have or what niche you working in, the following 5 ways will help you come up with literally HUNDREDS of amazing content ideas… and it won’t take ya much more than 30 minutes to do! So open up a google doc and get ready to create your long list of content ideas!!!!


 1. Google Keyword Planner


This is literally my go to when coming up with Content Ideas: Simply go to Google’s Keyword Planner and type in a topic or idea you’re interested in. For example, if I type in ‘Digital Marketing’ into the Keyword Planner I get over 700 results… some of the top ones being: seo, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, marketing plan, email marketing, internet marketing, what is digital marketing, marketing tools, b2b marketing. It’ll also give you stats on how many times the keyword or phrase is being searched…

From there I could simply take a result, for example, email marketing, and plug it back into the keyword planner. Out come results like email templates, email marketing providers and opt in pages. Not bad list of ideas for 2 minutes of work! Try it out!

*** Quick note: You do have to set up a Google Adwords Account to access the keyword planner. Yes it’s free. Yes it’s worth it!


2. Reddit


Reddit is seriously amazing for seeing what questions / topics are trending and what’s getting the most engagement and creating content ideas from. Log into reddit and simply search for your keyword, idea or niche. For example, if I use ‘Digital Marketing’ again I’ll get forums and topics such as: Domain Name For Website – Match Business Name Or Tagline?. Is Hubspot Jack In All Trade for Digital Marketing?. How do you display results from experimentation to clients?. Best app to schedule instagram posts? Tips to Generate Free Traffic in Digital Marketing? New To Digital Marketing! How do I start Google Adwords SEO and PPC?

Again, pretty good ideas to pull from for literally 30 seconds of work! What ya waiting for, go search topics relevant to your niche!


3. Quora


Q and A sites like Quora are serious gold. Simply log in, create an account and search for categories and subtopics to see 100’s of questions relevant to your topic.

You also get a direct, real time look into pain points and hot topics your target audience is talking about. You’ll see how your target audience describes and talks about their problems (which is important because you need to ‘speak their language’) and how these issues and problems affect their lives!

Go take the top 5 or 10 trending questions and create content answering those very questions!


4. What’s that One question you get asked all the time?


Yes, this one’s obvious but often times overlooked. If you’ve been doing what you’re doing for a while start becoming aware of those repetitive questions you always get asked and create a video or blog post answering it.

I personally keep a content idea notebook and quickly jot down a few notes when either followers or clients ask me questions regarding online marketing or business building strategies. If you’re not as old school as me then use your notes app in your phone or keep a google doc and make it habit to add ideas to the list daily!


5. Facebook Groups!


Seriously, so simple and so effective. Join a facebook group in your niche and have a peek at what your ideal clients / target marketing is discussing. (And Make sure you join the Coaches Corner Facebook Group to get around 100’s of coaches committed to building their online businesses!) Always respect the Facebook Groups policies (someone put a lot of time into creating the group) and don’t join groups to simply ‘mine’ for leads / customers. See what your target audience is talking about, see what they’re frustrated about, see what pain points their looking to solve and generate content ideas from there!


 Bonus: Visit Popular Websites!


This one’s easy enough and highly effective! Find influencers sites or popular websites in your niche and simply scroll down the blog section to see what they’re writing about. I’m not saying COPY anything – but have a quick scroll and jot down any topics / ideas that really pop out at you. You’ll not only generate a ton of content ideas for yourself but, if the writer knows what he’s doing, you’ll get an education in writing catchy headlines / titles!



So there ya go! You could literally have a years worth or relevant content ideas that your target marketing is ACTUALLY interested in consuming in the next 30 minutes! Questions? Simply reach out and ask on Instagram!


Hope it helps!


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— LucasRubix


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