I heard that you're looking to get more clients? Well whether you're coaching online or in person you've found the right place for that!

Introducing my favourite two words in the entire world:


You need more clients, I get it. But let’s stop trying to do everything we’re ‘told to do’ and start focusing on simplifying our funnel and automating our marketing.


♦ I used to focus on all the wrong things.

I was Hustling on Instagram for hours at a time.

I’d be searching google all day for ‘How To Get More Clients?’

♦ I’d work extremely hard’ but end up feeling burnt out and frustrated.

♦ I was good at what I did and legitimately wanted to help people but had no one listening.  

♦ I’d run around knocking on doors, dropping off flyers, promos and business cards anywhere and everywhere I could.

♦ Id offer a free consultation to anyone who’d take one.

♦ I’d be posting on craigslist 8 times a day.

♦ I’d be wasting evenings ‘networking’ when I should of been COACHING

LOOK HERE. The old school marketing strategies don't work like they used to.

And you’re a coach anyways… not an Internet Marketer. We need to simplify our funnel and automate our marketing.

I used to have a second (and third) job.  

I never knew what to say when someone asked what I do. Was I a coach or a delivery driver?  

On top of that, when I did get a lead or a phone call off a craigslist ad or a random social media post, I’d find myself trying to justify my pricing to someone who didn’t appreciate what I did. First thing they’d ask is ‘what do you charge?’

I was sick and tired of feeling stressed out.  

I was sick and tired of seeing everyone else ‘doing well’  

I was sick and tired of lying to people that yup, things are good! (Insert fake smile)  

I was sick and tired of feeling lost.  

I was sick and tired of feeling like a failure.





Thankfully I’m a stubborn mofo who refuses to give up, and just when I was about to pull the trigger… I was introduced to some online marketing strategies that literally saved my life. I spent every spare second I could find studying, implementing and using the tools I was learning. Yup, the first 6 months were frustrating, heartbreaking and full of failures… but…

12 months later I had my first $14,000 month.

Give the video below a quick watch and apply for a free strategy session if you’re ready to take your coaching business (and all the fancy online marketing stuff that comes along with it) to the next level!

Let’s dive deep into your business and create a plan to successfully market and build your own 6 figure coaching business!

The simple 3 steps...

that, when properly applied, will help you get all the clients you’ve ever dreamed of.

ATTRACTION: We start by attracting our ideal clients. Stop wasting time fishing for them on social media – it doesn’t work anymore! Let’s automate the process and build our list!

AUTOMATION: We then warm up our leads through some crafty automated email marketing. When done right we’ll have a list of highly qualified leads just waiting to work with us!

CONVERSATION: Once our leads are warmed up we give interested prospects an opportunity to either book a call or buy our program. This way you’re only spending time with ‘qualified’ buyers!

Ready to make some magic happen?

Join me on a free strategy call and let’s create a 6 figure coaching plan for you! Things we’ll be covering:

Where are you with your business right now?

What are your business goals in the next month, 6 months, 12 months?

Do you have / are you growing an email list?

Are you / have you ran any Facebook Ads

Would do you need help with THE MOST

What are the 3 TOP THINGS you’re struggling with


Don’t have a business yet but are thinking of starting one? Perfect! Let’s avoid all the same mistakes I made (and other coaches are making) and get you started on the right foot!

You don't have to do it alone!

Let's get you there 5 times faster!

Lucas is one of the most relentless, driven business coaches I’ve ever met. Not only does he have a way of injecting his passion straight into you but he’s relentless and on a mission to help coaches get clients. Don’t even hesitate, work with this guy!

Rosa Coelho
Owner at RocoFit

I am no longer overwhelmed! Lucas took my broken system, or we could call it no system, and built me a machine! I trust that his marketing system could work for almost anyone with a business wanting to start an automated lead system. My advice: Call him today!

Qelsey Zeeper
Mainstream Meditation

I watched Lucas restart his business after moving to Burnaby and within months he had full days of clients. Lucas is extremely knowledgeable and always has new ideas on how to generate more leads and clients. If you want to build your business, I can almost guarantee you that Lucas will surpass your expectations.

Asma Kassam
Owner at Active Kinetix

With his knowledge of online marketing and lead generating funnels Lucas has help myself and other trainers at the studio get traction. Great guy and has a ridiculous amount of online marketing knowledge.

Peter Mazzarolo
Owner at Cap Hill Athletics

Lucas pushes when he knows you can do more and doesn’t stop until there’s success. In life he has helped me rediscover the importance of being my own boss and prioritizing the steps to achieve ‘my story’. Hire this guy!

Coree McIntosh
The Hungry Pug

There are 100’s of online business experts but the one quality that is hard to find is someone who genuinely cares about his clients. Lucas is, without a doubt, one of those few people and working with him over the course of the past few weeks has been a game changer not only for my business but for my personal development as well.

Alex Minor Barron
Owner at AMB

Are you ready to simplify all this 'complicated' online marketing stuff, get more clients and Build the Business of Your Dreams?

Book a 100% Free strategy call and let's chat about your unique problems, where you want to take your business and how I can help you get there in the shortest time possible!