How can I STAND OUT (and get more clients)?

How can I stand out with Lucas rubix Lucas Rubkiewicz how to get more clients LucasRubix

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What’s UP!


It’s Lucas here yet again and in todays Video I’m answering what may be the most popular question that’s on any coaches mind: HOW CAN I STAND OUT!?


I get it. It’s a noisy world out there. The internet is a busy place. Facebook feeds rip at the speed of light. YouTube drowns you out the second you post a video…


Without getting off track I really want to stress the importance of not relying on Free Traffic anymore. If you want results and you want them fast then building a quick and simple funnel and linking it with targeted Paid Traffic will help you grow your coaching business (or any business for that matter) faster than you can imagine. If that entices you AT ALL then feel free to grab my Free Client Attraction Formula Training HERE!


With that being said… we still need to stand out and be heard! Give the video a quick watch and join me below for an in-depth look at how you can do just that!



How can I STAND OUT (and get more clients)


1) Embrace Video: Start sharing your knowledge and connecting with your audience through video! Not only does it build trust quickly it also positions you as an expert!


2) Don’t be afraid of making noise: We’re brought up being told to sit down, be quiet and listen. We’re taught that getting attention is a bad thing… that talking about how amazing we are is wrong. Look – If you’re the best at what you do and you KNOW you can deliver results… then you need to get comfortable saying it. You need to get comfortable making noise, getting attention and letting people know how amazing you, your coaching and your products are! Can you imagine a commercial that boasts about how average their product is, how average the results are and how average their warranty is… you get the point!


3) Run Efficient Campaigns: I can tel you this with complete certainty… that your competition IS NOT utilizing even the simplest of marketing techniques. If you could just go above and beyond a little bit with a juicy, enticing offer to get leads and clients attracted to you then you’ll be miles ahead of the competition! although I could write a 100,000 word article on how to do just that… I’ll let me Free Client Attraction Formula Training do the work for me! Download it HERE!


Then, of course, there’s the last step: Stay Consistent. It doesn’t happen overnight.. but it can happen over the course of a few months. I’m tired of seeing coaches quit because A) They lack patience and B) They don’t implement even the simplest of marketing strategies. Let’s change that starting today!!!


Hope that helps! Any questions or comments feel free to leave them below or pop by Instagram or Facebook!


Chat soon,


Your Coach,




PS – DO NOT miss out on the FREE CLIENT ATTRACTION FORMULA TRAINING! It’ll help you get clear on what you need to do to start attracting more clients, making more money and booking yourself solid!


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How to get clients off Facebook Groups TODAY (without being an asshole)

how to get clients off Facebook groups with lucas rubix lucasrubix how to get more clients Client Attraction Formula!

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What’s up Coach! You want more clients right? First of all, let’s accept the fact that all the clients you’ve ever dreamed of are hanging out on Facebook. Your job as a business owner, marketer and coach is to find those people and attract them into your funnel… let’s have a look at how to get clients off Facebook groups (without being an asshole:)


Check out the quick video and read the in-depth post below! (And say Hi on Instagram HERE)



How to get clients off Facebook Groups TODAY (without being an asshole)


In a nutshell… you need to provide value. Like massive, quality and actionable value. That being said, here’s a step by step on how to attract clients / customers into your funnel from Facebook Groups!


  • 1) First things first… have a marketing funnel set up. You NEED a backend built for your business or you’ll simply end up wasting your time. Have a freebie that helps your ideal clients, capture emails, have an email funnel set up and an automated booking system. If you DO NOT have a back end set up then grab your free training and check out the COMPLETE ONLINE PROGRAM that walks you through building a funnel step by step (with all the tech stuff handled).


  • 2) Once you have a funnel set up you can get to work! Your next job is finding 5 Active Facebook Groups that match your niche and your message perfectly. Reach out to the moderates if you feel like you’d be stepping on toes and introduce yourself. Let them know you’re not selling ANYTHING – but you want to help out and offer up value. You can let them know that the groups engagement will also be higher because of it! (You want to make sure you’re not selling what the owner of the Facebook Page is selling)


  • 3) Help members out with any questions they may be having. Shoot a video to help answer the common questions. Provide links back to your blog when applicable! Here’s where your installed Facebook Pixel comes in handy… you can now, in 2 or 3 weeks, retarget those people and provide even more value (like you’re freebie) and build your list!


Your turn. Here’s the action plan:


1) Pick 5 Facebook Groups.

2) Offer up value.

3) Drive traffic to your site.

4) Collect Emails.

5) Build a relationship.

6) Pitch. Sell.

7) Get More Clients


Reach out if you have any questions… and don’t forget to grab your Free Client Attraction Formula Training (for coaches only) HERE!


Your Coach,


How To Overcome Obstacles.

how to overcome obstacles with lucas rubix lucasrubix how to get more clients Client Attraction Formula!

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We all face obstacles. Knowing that obstacles are inevitable it’s important to learn how to overcome obstacles in whatever area in life they may appear! Give the video a quick watch and



How To Overcome Obstacles.


So there’s a simple quote from Marcus Aurelius that goes something along the lines of ‘what stand in the way becomes the way.’


Every single time you face an obstacle, be it in business, family, work (etc) you have a choice. You can either back away from the obstacle or find a way around it.


95% of people back away from obstacles because they focus on the obstacle… not the solution.


Let’s break this down into a recent example that one of my clients was facing. They were concerned they didn’t have money to advertise their coaching businesses. They spent days stressed out about the ‘problem’ of not having money.


Every obstacle that we choose to overcome comes our way to test us. It’s there to test our abilities, our creativity, our patience, our courage and our resourcefulness.


So instead of focusing on the problem of not having money we had to get resourceful and creative. Seeing this coach had more time than money we came up with a simple solution of reaching out to the top 5 Instagram Influencers in his area and asking if they’d like to train ‘For Free’ for a weekly shoutout to their audience.


Problem solved. He now has over 250,000 people see him and their influencer working together every single week. And what do you think happened with his business?



My challenge to you: Stop focusing on the obstacle and stop overthinking the problem. Course correct. Change tactics. Try something else. Get creative. Go around the obstacle, go over the obstacles or dig a tunnel underneath it if you have to but do not let it stop you.


Questions? Leave them below or simply reach out on Instagram! (And grab your free download below!)

Finish What You Started – With Lucas Rubix

Finish What You Started With Lucas rubix LucasRubkiewicz LucasRubix Build Your Dream Business-2

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Heyyyy what’s going on! Today I’m diving into a simple but possibly one of the most important concepts that I’ve learned over the last 4 years of this whole ‘business’ and ‘life’ thing…. and that is to simply FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED.


Give the video a quick watch and reach out on Instagram if ya got any questions!



Finish What You Started – With Lucas Rubix


I want to challenge you for the next 30 days.


Finish EVERYTHING that you start. Even if it’s not going as planned. Finish it.


Every time we start something and don’t finish it we lose a little respect for ourselves. Quitting on something is failing. Failing on something is winning (in disguise)


The reality is that no one really cares if we’re winning or not. When we quit on something we’re not letting anyone down but ourselves. And after doing it over and over and over we end up losing all respect for ourselves… which leads to low self esteem and zero confidence.


Today that changes.


Finish that business idea you’ve been working on. Finish cleaning the garage or fixing your alternator. Finish that book or blog post you’ve been working on. Finish your commitment to waking up earlier and going to the gym. Just fucking finish what you started…. and next thing you know you’re a winner.


Everything you start you’ll finish… and success will come naturally.


That’s it.


Be a winner.


Your Coach,




PS – Check out the Freebies section and grab your 6 STEPS to SIX FIGURES (for Coaches)



3 Biggest Things I Learned After I Quit my 6 Figure Job and Started a Business

The 3 things I learned after I quit a 6 figure job and started a business With Lucas rubix LucasRubkiewicz LucasRubix Build Your Dream Business

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Welcome back! I thought I’d share my thoughts on the 3 biggest things I learned after I quit my 6 figure job and got into the entrepreneurial game! This post will cause two reactions from people. It’ll either cause you to get chills and wonder why ANYONE would want to risk everything and go through all that stress…. or it’ll excite you and cause you to long for a dangerous adventure yourself!


If you fall into group B then I’d highly suggest you take the leap and chase your dreams!



3 Biggest Things I Learned After I Quit my 6 Figure Job and Started a Business


Alright alright, I learned a lot more than 3 things… Sales, WordPress, building relationships, and How to Successfully Market Myself and My Business being #1 for sure… but I want to keep the ‘technical’ stuff out of it today. I want to keep it more Primitive, more raw, more basic. If you want to learn how to successfully market (and build) the business of your dreams then grab your free download HERE!


Thing 1) You’ll work twice as much for the first 2 years: If you’re getting into this whole ‘business’ thing In order to have more time then think again. You’ll have to train yourself to be your own boss, set deadlines and hit those deadlines. You can’t clock out at 5 or come in late for 9:30… you’ll have to put in twice the work and twice the time over the first two years to make you dream a reality!


Thing 2) You’ll make half as much for the first 2 years: That nice salary… bye bye! The steady income… bye bye! Chances are you’ll be working twice as much for half (or less) as much… if you’re still with me then that may excite you more than it deters you. You’re plating seeds for later… and you’ll be happy you sacrificed some meaningless pay checks right now for the rewards in the future!


Thing 3) It’ll be worth every drop of sweat after the first 2 years: Ah yes… victory. From the outside it may seem like ‘they were so lucky’ or ‘they have the golden touch’… but it simply isn’t true. They did what everyone else wasn’t willing to do. End of story. Once everything clicked for me and those painful first 2 years of 18 hour days were over I finally got it. Put in the work and sacrifice NOW for the rewards coming to you in 2 years.


Hope that helps pull out the adventurer in you.


Life is short. That we can’t control. At least make it meaningful.


Your Coach,



Results ARE your credentials – With LucasRubix

results are your credentials with Lucas rubix and the client attraction formula (how to get more clients)

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I get it… you’ve got no experience, no testimonials and ‘no social proof”… and you’re terrified of starting your business because you feel people won’t take you seriously. Just remember that results are your credentials. My simple advice: Everyone Starts Somewhere. So just start. Let me help you take care of some of that fear with the video below AND Download the 6 Steps to Successfully Market and Build Your Dream Business!



Results ARE your credentials


So I need you to understand that you don’t need a PhD to start a coaching business (or any business)… and you need to focus on is delivering results. Results are your credentials… no amount of schooling or certificates will help you if you can’t deliver results!


I’m gonna challenge you a little here… I hope you’re up for it! Look. Everyone starts somewhere. You have to start to get your first sale, your first customer or your first client. So here’s the challenge:


If you have little to no experience but you know what you’re doing – grab 3 or 4 people who really need your help and HELP THEM. Don’t worry about how much to charge. Don’t worry about making any money. Focus ONLY on getting results.


If you’re a coach of some sort then work with them and treat them as VIP clients for 2 months. Test what you’re made of and deliver results… and you’ll easily get some amazing testimonials to sprinkle on your website.


If you’re selling a product then give it away (or lend it out) and make sure it delivers results or does what you say it does. Then get some video testimonials about how amazing the product is.


Also, start having conversations about what you’re doing with everyone! Help anyone who needs help. Post some blog posts and videos about it online. Become that go to guy so people know you’re serious, committed and passionate about your craft / product / industry.


I can guarantee you that in 3 months time you’re confidence in yourself and the results you’re able to deliver will sky rocket and you’ll be able to take your business to the next level.


Now go help some people would ya.


Your Coach,



PS – Got questions for me? Reach out on the new INSTAGRAM PAGE and level up!


Not Happy with your job, life or business? Commit to Change right now!

Not happy with your job _ life? Commit to change! With Lucas rubix Lucas Rubkiewicz LucasRubix how to get more clients

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I WAASSSS going to film a quick video on Facebook Ad Strategy… BUT I got an email from someone who was hurting, hated their job and felt they have no way out.


I first want to say… I get it. I understand what you’re going through.


I also want to say that YOU can change your life quicker than you thought was ever possible. Give the video a quick watch and make sure you download the 10 Day Business Mindset Makeover challenge I have to get you re-wired for SUCCESS!



Not Happy with your job, life or business? Commit to Change right now!


I understand what it feels like to be stuck… trust me.


I worked jobs I hated and spent time around people I could care less for for more years than I care to remember.


But EVERYTHING changed the day I made the decision to change.


I’m not saying that you need to walk away from your job this moment (although it may be best). You may have a house, mortgage, kids to feed, commitments and responsibilities (etc).  Let’s stop focusing on what we can’t control and focus on what we CAN control.


Commit to change. Take one small step forward in the direction you want to go. Figure out where you want to be and then reverse engineer what you need to do to get there. Start with small steps. The things you can do right now.


Eventually you’ll be able to take big steps. Your side business will no longer be a side business and you can quit your job. You’ll have moved away from the people you don’t want to be around and you’ll be surrounded by people who support you and want the best for you.


Commit to change.

Take a few small steps.

Be patient.


You’ll be amazed where you end up.


Your Coach,



If a successful business is what you want then grab your 6 Steps to Successfully Market and Build the Business of Your Dreams HERE!

What is the Value Ladder and why you NEED to implement it into your Business!

he value ladder and how to make more money with Lucas rubix Lucas Rubkiewicz LucasRubix how to get more clients

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Welcome to another super important concept that will help you help more people, boost business and make more money! Even if you’ve heard about the ‘value ladder’ before, I challenge you to watch this video and see how you can implement a few of these concepts into YOUR business!


Don’t forget to grab your 6 Steps to Successfully Market Your Business HERE and start getting more clients / customers today!




What is the Value Ladder and why you NEED to implement it into your Business!


Yes, you can implement a ‘value ladder’ into ANY business.


Whether you’re selling products or services.

Whether your business is offline or online.

Whether you’re a coach, consultant or you’re packaging up your expertise and selling it as a course.


You can apply the value ladder and successfully find ways to serve your customers / clients in more ways.


I’ll give you a simple examples. First example we’ll pretend you’re a health coach. As a health coach you may have a FREE CONSULTATION or DISCOVERY SESSION and a 12 WEEK health makeover program for $1200.


I’m also guessing you’re not as busy as you could be :D. You end up spending a lot of time doing free consults and little time getting paid for your expertise.


What if you created a funnel that looked a little more like:


  2. 10 DAY GUIDE: $10


The higher up the value ladder (or lower down the funnel) they go the more they get. They get more value and more of your time!


Watch the video above and see how YOU can apply a few more tiers of products / services into your business so you can unleash your businesses FULL POTENTIAL and help customers / clients who may not be able to afford your high end service right now but would like to invest $97 for you (over deliver and you can up-sell them and move them up your ladder)


You can apply this to ANY business you’re in. If you’re selling products then fill the gaps and help your customers up the ladder into your premium services. If you provide services then craft entry level services so clients / customers can get a taste of you and how amazing you are… and then move them up the ladder!


Hope this helps! If you have any questions reach out on Instagram of the Facebook Page and ask away!




PS – Grab your 10 Day Business Mindset Makeover and re-write yourself for SUCCESS!

#1 Thing to Focus on When Starting Your Business

#1 thing to focus on then starting a business with Lucas rubix Lucas Rubkiewicz LucasRubix how to get more clients

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Hey hey, what’s going on! I know how difficult and overwhelming it can be to start a business from scratch and try to get people interested in what you do. In this blog post I want to help reduce your overwhelm by letting you know one thing: The #1 Thing you should be focusing on is GETTING LEADS when you’re starting your business.

If you want more help on a more personal level then join the FREE GROW YOUR BIZ FB group HERE and ask your question. I answer each and every single one of them (and often times make videos from them)




#1 Thing to Focus on When Starting Your Business


The number thing that you need to focus on is acquiring leads. The purpose of every single thing you do is to get leads.


Every blog post is designed to get you leads. Every social media post is to get more leads. Every video you post and web page you design is to get you leads. Have I made my point 😀  Once your website and blog is set up for capturing emails we’ll be driving traffic (both paid and free) to your websites and offers so we can start building our email list!


Lead are the lifeblood of your business. Without a steady stream of leads coming into your funnel you will ALWAYS be stressed about where your next clients or customers will come from. It doesn’t matter if you run a brick and mortar business or an online business… it doesn’t matter if you’re selling a product, an eCourse, offering coaching or selling anything else… you need leads and you need a lot of them!


These ‘leads’ will come in the form of emails that people will give you in exchange for something uber valuable. For information about the exact step by step process to acquire those leads HERE.


Once you have those email you’ll start sending your subscribers nothing but love!!! You’re going to help them overcome their struggles and build a solid relationship so that when, and only when, you’ve built up a solid foundation of trust, you’ll pitch your series / products.


NOW A QUICK NOTE: The quality of leads is going to be much more important than the quantity of leads. Yes, having a large email list is important… but an engaged and targetted list is KEY. Get super specific on who it is you want to serve and make sure that you speak to only those people! There are literally millions of people who would be interested in what you have to offer… so don’t be afraid to get specific!


Hope that helps! Any questions simply feel free to reach out on the free GROW YOUR BIZ FB group here!

Am I a Work-a-holic? I don’t even know what that is….???

Am I a work-a-holic with Lucas rubix Lucas Rubkiewicz LucasRubix Be The Hero how to get more clients

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Yup. So it happened again… I’ve been called a work-a-holic yet again…


I’ve got a question for you though… are you a work-a-holic or purpose driven?



Am I a Work-a-holic? I don’t even know what that is….???


When you do what you love you don’t call it work.


I saw this in fitness all the time. I’d be working with someone who was all in and dedicated for bettering their health. They’d be fully committed and obsessed… and everyone around them was telling them to go ‘enjoy life’, eat that piece of cake or it’s ‘okay’ if you miss a day.


Be careful who you take advice from.


In business and helping entrepreneurs get online and acquire leads I see the same thing. My family thinks I work too much. My girlfriend wants me to take a week off. Everyone is saying it’s unhealthy to work so much.


When you do what you love it stops feeling like work. When you find your purpose the game changes.


It stops being about the money and starts to be all about serving others. Focus on your clients, customers, students (etc) and I promise you that you’ll see your business (and life) change into something magical.


I don’t see it as being a work-a-holic. I see it as being purpose driven.


Now get out there and do what you were put here to do.


Your Coach,