BE THE HERO PODCAST EPISODE #2: Alex Miner Barron from AMB

BE THE HERO PODCAST EPISODE #2: Alex Miner Barron from AMB

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BE THE HERO PODCAST EPISODE #2: Alex Miner Barron from AMB


Welcome to the Be The Hero Podcast with your host, Lucas Rubix!


Today we’re sitting down with Alex Miner Barron from AMB and talking to one of the most open, genuine and driven guys on the Internet right now who lives and breathes by the belief that it’s never too late to change your life!


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Sometimes you just need to get pissed off enough at your situation to get your ass up off the couch and actually DO SOMETHING! The Be The Hero podcast is all about taking back control, rewriting our stories and living a more purposeful, meaningful and fulfilling life!


Trust me when I tell you that it doesn’t matter where you come from. Believe me when I say that your potential is so much greater than you give yourself credit for. Realize that you’re capable of doing more than you know if you’d only set your mind to it!


We’re interviewing everyone from 7 figure earners, entrepreneurs, health coaches, lifestyle coaches, nutritions, financial experts to relationship coaches and more! Get around people DOING THINGS and let’s CRUSH this thing called life!


Stay Strong!



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2 thoughts on “BE THE HERO PODCAST EPISODE #2: Alex Miner Barron from AMB

  1. That was inspiring. Proof again that your never to old to believe. (Even when your young) good podcast.

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