3 Things YOU NEED to succeed.

3 Things YOU NEED to succeed.

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Before I start getting all crazy passionate on you, I want to quickly let you know my opinion on what ‘success’ is. Success, to me, is getting up every single day and chasing what YOU want. Not what your mom wants for you. Not what your grandparents think you should be doing. Not what society tells you to do. Every single day, whether you ‘feel like it’ or not, you’re getting up and going after what YOU want. THAT, my friend, is true success. That being said, here’s the 3 Things you need to succeed!


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3 Things YOU NEED to succeed.


‘THING’ #1: Know where you are RIGHT NOW. Quit lying to yourself that everything is okay. Stop telling yourself that you’re content with your job (when you secretly hate it). Have a realistic look at where you are right now. Do you have the money to start your business or do you need to sell off / sacrifice a few things right now? Do you have the nessassry knowledge / tools to do what you want to do, or do we need to take a month and dive ALL IN and acquire the knowledge / tools we need. Are you unhealthy and out of shape? Does your diet need to change? The first step is being real with yourself and seeing things HOW THEY ARE.


‘THING’ #2: Know exactly where you’re going: Now that we know where we are, it’s time to figure out exactly where you’re going. Things may change, sure, but we need to know what it is we want before we can take any steps towards it’s attainment. Get obsessed about what it is you want that it drives you through all the pain, struggle and heartbreaks you’re bound to face.


‘THING’ #3: Know how you’re going to get there: Okay, sweet! We know where we are right now and we know where we want to be. Now we need to build the bridge that will help us get there. Unfortunately, this is exactly where most people quit… they either have no idea what to do, get frustrated and quit or they start building the plan, get intimidated and end up giving up on their dreams.


I’ll be first to tell you it’ll take a ridiculous amount of work. You’ll spend many many days, weeks and months working on making your dream a reality, totally alone. No one will get you. People will try to give you advice that totally condradics what you’re doing. You’ll have to sacrifice things. It’ll hurt. You’ll have moments where you break down and cry.


Guess what. Toughen up. It’ll be worth it.


3 things you need to succeed: Know where you are. Know where you’re going. Know how you’ll get there. Simple as that. The rest will figure itself out, I promise you that!


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