3 Biggest Things I Learned After I Quit my 6 Figure Job and Started a Business

3 Biggest Things I Learned After I Quit my 6 Figure Job and Started a Business

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Welcome back! I thought I’d share my thoughts on the 3 biggest things I learned after I quit my 6 figure job and got into the entrepreneurial game! This post will cause two reactions from people. It’ll either cause you to get chills and wonder why ANYONE would want to risk everything and go through all that stress…. or it’ll excite you and cause you to long for a dangerous adventure yourself!


If you fall into group B then I’d highly suggest you take the leap and chase your dreams!



3 Biggest Things I Learned After I Quit my 6 Figure Job and Started a Business


Alright alright, I learned a lot more than 3 things… Sales, WordPress, building relationships, and How to Successfully Market Myself and My Business being #1 for sure… but I want to keep the ‘technical’ stuff out of it today. I want to keep it more Primitive, more raw, more basic. If you want to learn how to successfully market (and build) the business of your dreams then grab your free download HERE!


Thing 1) You’ll work twice as much for the first 2 years: If you’re getting into this whole ‘business’ thing In order to have more time then think again. You’ll have to train yourself to be your own boss, set deadlines and hit those deadlines. You can’t clock out at 5 or come in late for 9:30… you’ll have to put in twice the work and twice the time over the first two years to make you dream a reality!


Thing 2) You’ll make half as much for the first 2 years: That nice salary… bye bye! The steady income… bye bye! Chances are you’ll be working twice as much for half (or less) as much… if you’re still with me then that may excite you more than it deters you. You’re plating seeds for later… and you’ll be happy you sacrificed some meaningless pay checks right now for the rewards in the future!


Thing 3) It’ll be worth every drop of sweat after the first 2 years: Ah yes… victory. From the outside it may seem like ‘they were so lucky’ or ‘they have the golden touch’… but it simply isn’t true. They did what everyone else wasn’t willing to do. End of story. Once everything clicked for me and those painful first 2 years of 18 hour days were over I finally got it. Put in the work and sacrifice NOW for the rewards coming to you in 2 years.


Hope that helps pull out the adventurer in you.


Life is short. That we can’t control. At least make it meaningful.


Your Coach,



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